Be a leader in inclusion and parental support

Go above and beyond to support your employees when their family grows. You’ll retain 70% of parents that would otherwise go on leave and not return.

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Mismanaged maternity leave costs companies in the US $37 billion every year!

825,000 women go on maternity leave each year in the United States. 30% of them won’t go back to work. Can you afford that?


Top Reasons for Leaving


Your top talent expects more than the standard benefits

Appeal to the modern workforce by providing forward-thinking benefits. Especially when it comes to female leadership, providing parental leave support is the first step towards attracting and retaining key talent. Be a leader in your industry!


Give managers the tools they need to handle parental leave

A lack of clear process and communication leaves parents feeling let down by their companies. TiLT gives managers and parents step-by-step leave plans so they have the support they need.

Guided Leave Plans

Our research-backed plans guide managers and parents through when they are expecting, on leave, and then returning to work.

Weekly Tasks

Keep both parties engaged, organized, and prepared by breaking up the necessary steps.

Individualized Support

Each plan is customized by TiLT Leave Experts to match where they are in the journey and what matters most to them.

Education & Resources

Stay up-to-date on the ever-changing paid leave legislation. Learn best practices to stay compliant AND enhance employee loyalty.

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“Navigating the University’s leave system was burdensome and at times panic-inducing. TiLT had a clear process that helped me know how and when to apply for leave. It’s critical for new moms who are part of the workforce.”

New Mom

University Employee

“Before TiLT I was anxious of the impact an extended leave would have. I now have the skills I need to successfully support my employees as they adjust to working parenthood, while boosting retention, engagement, and productivity."

Ashley Colpaart, CEO

The Food Corridor (TFC)



Impact Employee Retention & More

Reduce HR’s workload

Templatize the most common elements of parental leave.

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Improve maternal and infant health reducing health care utilization.

Avoid Litigation

Ensure you’re up to date with ever-changing legislation so you avoid serious legal action.

Improve Company Culture

Increase loyalty and engagement by showing you care about work/life integration.

Revolutionize the way you support your employees

Demonstrate that you don’t just talk about taking care of your employees. Offer incredible support and a revolutionary resource to allow them to thrive at home and in their career.