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Founded in 2017, TiLT partners with companies to manage leave in a proactive and respectful way. Currently, risk, bias, and fear are all a big part of taking leave.
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Experiencing the pain both as a manager and as a mom

I spent 15 years as a leader in corporate America. I saw talented, driven employees hit serious slowdowns in their careers when they started a family. Again and again, we lost some of our best employees around the time of their parental leave. 

Those employees would not have walked away if we had created a smooth leave process and supportive environment.

As a professional mom with 2 small children, I experienced career stagnation myself. My employers assumed I didn’t want to put in 110% anymore. I was left out of critical conversations and skipped over for ambitious projects.

As we’ve worked with employers, we find that miscommunication, reactive behavior, biases, and assumptions are at the root of 99% of the issues. All of which can be prevented. That’s why we built TiLT. Parents deserve to feel comfortable and confident returning to work after leave. And companies shouldn’t lose top talent because their employees decide to start a family.

We are bringing parental leave into the 21st century. Join us!

Jen Henderson
CEO and Founder of TiLT

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At TiLT, we’re building a world where leave doesn’t suck. We’ve reimagined the leave of absence experience for HR and employees and we’ve only just begun. Want to change the world (of work) with us? Don’t be shy. Say hi! #TimeToGiveLeaveSomeLove