Arghh…A Star Employee Announced They’re Expecting…You’re Not Alone.

Have you recently had an excited employee announce they are expecting and your first thought was…”AWESOME”…followed by…”sh*t what do I do?” Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many managers and organizations are unsure of how to best support employees transitioning into parenthood.

The Food Corridor, a software company for shared kitchen management, was recently faced with this dilemma. Their star employee announced that she was excepting, and Ashley Colpaart, founder and CEO, didn’t know what to do. This was the organization’s first parental leave and a formal policy was not yet in place. Colpaart, new to this experience, was worried about how she could best support her employee, create a compliant parental leave policy, manage her employee’s leave, and continue to drive company success and client satisfaction. This is where TiLT stepped in and equipped The Food Corridor with the tools and resources they needed to set the organization up for success, drive retention and ultimately save money. Read more about it here: TiLT’s Parental Leave Platform Drives Retention and Saves Money.

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COVID-19 is changing lives and laws.

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