yep, that’s my kids in the background

As everyone shifts to working from home, I’d like to share my excitement! No, I’m not excited that people can take conference calls in PJs or miss the rush hour traffic slog. Nope, my excitement is the enormous opportunity in front of us to normalize the fact that the majority of millennials in the workforce […]

Navigating the return to work like a Boss!

The return to work is a tough transition for many parents. At 12 weeks, infants and their parents are still figuring out their new normal – especially feeding and sleeping. Supporting parents and their little infant to transition smoothly back to work doesn’t have to be a minefield. Here are some simple tips to support […]

How to be a dream employer when your employee faces a NICU Nightmare

Awaiting the birth of your child is a really exciting time for families. Yet sometimes things don’t go as planned and your baby may need some extra love and care in the NICU. This is an extremely stressful time for parents. How you show up and support your employee during this tough time is critical […]

Need to retain top talent – it’s so much more than a paid leave policy.

Many organizations now offer generous paid parental leave benefits for expecting parents. Yet, many employees who are transitioning into working parenthood still share negative stories about their parental leave experience ranging from blatant pregnancy discrimination to disgruntled peers and even very confusing HR forms and processes. To truly support and retain talent employers must do […]

How to Make a Winning Paid Parental Leave Policy

America is one of the only countries in the world without a federally mandated paid parental leave policy. This leaves plenty of room for you to customize and implement a policy that speaks to your organizational culture and employees’ needs. A ton of evidence proves that doing so is not just the moral thing to […]

Arghh…A Star Employee Announced They’re Expecting…You’re Not Alone.

Have you recently had an excited employee announce they are expecting and your first thought was…”AWESOME”…followed by…”sh*t what do I do?” Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many managers and organizations are unsure of how to best support employees transitioning into parenthood. The Food Corridor, a software company for shared kitchen management, was recently faced […]

Parental Leave and a Women’s Attachment to the Workforce

TiLT is super excited to have a blog post featured on Conscious Company’s website as they devote the month of January to the theme of World Changing Women. Check out our post on Parental Leave and a Women’s Attachment to the Workforce. Conscious Company is dedicated to doing business better for people, for communities and […]

Harness the potential of parents in the workplace

It is clear that the workforce is changing. By 2025 millennials who are of childbearing age, will make up 75% of the workforce and women and mothers will continue to be important contributors to the labor force. Today 65% of women with children under 6 years old work, a far cry from only 47% in […]