Are you pumped up to return to work?

Author: Hadley Kelly Note: The shaming that goes on between breastfeeding and formula feeding is just that…a shame. We’re not here to pass judgment on the mamas who can’t or don’t breastfeed. Like most mamas, when I returned to work after maternity leave with my first child, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But […]

How TiLT is Responding to CoVid

Our mission at TiLT has always been to reimagine leave management. We’ve created a better way for HR to manage leaves of absence to improve companies’ bottom line and the employee experience. Our ethos to build a better world of work remains unchanged by the coronavirus. We’re still committed, now more than ever, to our […]

My employee has CoVid, now what – 5 steps to get it right

We already know that when employees are going through challenging life events they are 3x more observant, critical and aware of their employers’ actions. That means that leaders and organizations must proceed with extreme grace, authenticity and emotional intelligence when employees are diagnosed with CoVid. How managers respond is an organizational imperative.  The beginning is […]

It’s a marathon, not a sprint: How to best support working parents

It’s always fascinating to us at TiLT that companies seem to be surprised when their employees announce they’re having a baby. There’s the obligatory, ‘congrats, that’s great,’ message followed by the freaking out, pissed off and annoyed conversations behind closed doors. Or the ever popular, ‘amazing, do you think you’ll come back after the baby […]

You’re Pregnant & You Love Your Career

Whether you call it work-life balance, integration, career architecture or job crafting – having a baby and a successful career takes deliberate action and planning. Unfortunately, the data tells us that career women who have kids will more than likely experience a negative impact on their careers (whether in earning potential, promotion opportunity or unconscious […]

Top 5 ways managers can be HEROS instead of JERKS when their employee is expecting

Being a leader of others is hard. Manager, boss, supervisor, ‘coach’…if someone reports to you in some fashion, you are being watched. What you say, how you say it and what you do becomes even more critical if those watching you are about to go through the life-altering, emotional rollercoaster of being a parent. At […]

The penalty of motherhood. <br>Your time is up!

The first time it didn’t feel right. My successful, well-intentioned cousin told me to prepare to be a C+ mom and C+ businesswoman. As a straight-A student and fiercely driven young professional, that bleak picture of my future was frustrating. Little did I know at that time that my husband and I would fight for […]

5 Reasons Your Female Pipeline is Dry

Employers often have good intentions. They want to be the best in class, see equal representations in the C-Suite, Boardroom and middle management pipeline. However, the actions that they take to achieve those aspirations often look like throwing things against the wall, crossing their fingers and hoping it sticks.  The truth is, it’s completely attainable, […]