Empower your company to gracefully handle leave

Improve your retention, reinforce your culture, and stay compliant in an ever-changing legal landscape. Our leave experts (real humans!) and beautifully-designed software guide you every step of the way.


Here’s how TiLT works for you:

(1) Understand your needs

The TiLT team will learn about your organization’s approach to parental leave and identify places to improve on the metrics you care about.

(2) Establish & maintain compliance

From FMLA and ADA to PDA and FLSA, for every acronym and payroll puzzle you have to figure out, we’ve got your back.

(3) Guide them through the leave journey

Based on your cultural and compliance needs, the TiLT platform provides employee-specific leave plans to guide them through their journey.

(4) Ensure successful leaves

Each leave has a dedicated (real human) TiLT Guide there to lead team members and managers through the leave process.

Understand your leave policy.

TiLT will leave no stone unturned digging into the specifics of how you currently approach leave such as:

  • Where do new moms nurse at work?
  • Are leave policies in place for adoption, surrogacy, or IVF?
  • How do they add their new kiddo to their health insurance?
  • How does payroll work so you stay compliant with state leave policies?
  • What’s your plan to ensure dads feel supported to take time away?​

We’ll drive the onboarding process and then recommend changes that will impact retention, loyalty, engagement, and more!

Get compliant. Stay compliant.

Staying on top of constantly changing legislation is a full-time job. That’s where TiLT comes in.

Follow Federal, State, and Local Policies

FMLA, PFLBL, FLA, PFL, NPLA, PPLO…It’s not the kind of alphabet soup that is good for your soul! We read the rules and regulations to understand the legal nuances so you don’t have to.

Leave Policy Review

We will review your current leave policy and make sure nothing falls through the gaps. You’ll know to watch out for unlimited PTO and why it may be a bad idea to have different leave benefits for dads.

Software to Keep Compliance on Track

The TiLT software platform gives you the right medium to implement your leave policy and avoid litigation. HR, managers and team members will have straightforward steps, and you’ll have a clear paper trail.

Individualized leave plans delivered by beautiful tech.

Customized by real humans

We customize leave plans for each leave situation. It starts with a 1-on-1 assessment call between a parent and their TiLT Guide.

Steps for successful leaves

To ensure successful relationships with co-workers and managers, TiLT gives your team the right steps to nail the leave journey.

Go above and beyond

TiLT gives parents support to succeed at work AND home. From baby budgeting to daycare planning, you’ll provide the resources that show that you care.

Keep HR in the know

With the TiLT dashboard, HR knows the status of each employee going on leave and how to handle payroll for those folks who are out.

Real humans to support you every step of the way.

Dedicated Leave Guides

Each leave has a dedicated TiLT team member who compassionately guides your people – managers and parents alike – through the leave journey.

Prepared for difficult situations

Our trained TiLT Guides put steps in place to allow a compassionate response to pregnancy complications or miscommunication amongst a team.

Experts in all things leave

We get leave – from legal compliance to payroll to improving team culture. When you work with TiLT, our team becomes an extension of yours.

Revolutionize the way you support your employees

Demonstrate that you don’t just talk about taking care of your employees. Offer incredible support and a revolutionary resource to allow them to thrive at home and in their career.