Need to retain top talent – it’s so much more than a paid leave policy.

Many organizations now offer generous paid parental leave benefits for expecting parents. Yet, many employees who are transitioning into working parenthood still share negative stories about their parental leave experience ranging from blatant pregnancy discrimination to disgruntled peers and even very confusing HR forms and processes. To truly support and retain talent employers must do more than simply put a paid leave policy in place.

A top tier university with a 6-week paid parental leave policy, realized that parents were frustrated, stressed and fearful throughout their leave planning and return to work experience. 

Preparing for parental leave was confusing, cumbersome and intimidating. These experiences influence an employee’s loyalty and commitment towards an organization, and in this situation, impact the university’s ability to retain top talent which drives its ranking as one of the premier U.S higher educational institutions.

TiLT was implemented as a cost-effective and turnkey solution to guide employees and their managers through a transitional life event in a more human way. When the management of parental leave is done with care and clarity it leads to improved retention, increased engagement and job satisfaction, productivity gains, and reduced stress. Learn more about how TiLT helped this leading university support their expecting parents and retain talent.

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COVID-19 is changing lives and laws.

We are helping companies get through it. Our COVID leave plans automate the process for HR and employees and our in-house experts add a necessary human touch to the experience.