TiLT's Parental Leave Platform Drives Retention and Saves Money

The Food Corridor (TFC), a software company for shared kitchen management, had their “star-employee” announce her exciting pregnancy news. Despite being thrilled for her employee and sympathetic to the many barriers mothers face professionally, CEO Ashley Colpaart said…

"I didn't know what to do."

The Food Corridor had no robust parental leave policy in place and were overwhelmed by how to best prepare for a leave of absence. They wanted to ensure it was handled in a way that:

— Adhered to leave laws
— Minimized the impact for the organization
— Retained their star employee





A TiLT Solution

The Food Corridor (TFC) chose TiLT to implement a complete paid parental policy and leveraged the TiLT platform to guide them through a proven, step-by-step process that simplified the leave transition for this employee and future employees.

A Paid Parental Leave Policy

TiLT, a proven expert, shared data about best practice parental leave policies. This allowed TFC to consider how they could stretch themselves to create a robust parental leave policy. Colpaart went above and beyond and implemented a 10-week paid parental leave benefit, with a stair-step approach back to work.

Preparing for Leave

TiLT operationalizes leave management. This was critical for TFC who did not have a strong leave management system. TiLT provided easy-to use weekly tasks, tools, templates, and conversation guides to ensure a thoughtful and strategic leave plan was created.

“Before TiLT I was anxious of the impact an extended leave would have. I now have the skills I need to successfully support my employees as they adjust to working parenthood, while boosting retention, engagement, and productivity."​
- Ashley Colpaart, CEO -

The Outcome

Retention and engagement saved 150% of the employee’s annual salary

Retaining amazing and knowledgeable staff was critical to stay competitive in the market. A generous paid parental leave policy has put TFC ahead of the game and the employees feel supported. Using TiLT, Colpaart retained her star employee. Replacing her would have cost TFC upwards of 150% of her annual salary in hiring fees, lost productivity, and training. 

An unexpected advantage for TFC was a boost in employee morale and engagement which lead to an unprecedented increase in productivity.

“Our team feels more valued and motivated to work hard for an organization that cares about the whole person, not just the 9-5 employee.”​
- Ashley Colpaart, CEO -

TiLT eliminates HR consultation fees of $5,000

TiLT allows organizations to plan for a seamless transition into the working parenthood. Without TiLT, TFC estimates that they would have had to hire an outside HR consultant, costing upwards of $5,000, to create their leave process. Instead the TiLT solution was clear, easy to use, and comprehensive. The robust leave plan, prompted through TiLT tools and resources, ensured all staff were well trained and confident to excel at new tasks. Colpaart is proud to share that key customer engagement metrics remained consistent throughout the employee’s leave, an attribute to her team and the TiLT solution.

Revolutionize the way you support your employees

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