A Top American University Innovates with TiLT to Retain Academic Talent

A top 100 American University’s number one goal is to attract and retain talent. As educators and people who inspire future generations, universities and colleges must implement innovative solutions for talent acquisition and retention to safeguard their future viability and competitiveness. This University offers a competitive six weeks paid parental leave, but there was an opportunity to go beyond a policy and deliver a well-orchestrated parental leave process to strengthen their benefits offering and support employees. The current leave administration process was cumbersome and ripe for error.

— Employees and managers were given inconsistent instructions generating uncertainty and potential legal risk.

— Multiple follow-ups across departments left both employees and managers frustrated.

— Lost productivity due to leave administration was estimated at ~$400K annually.




Enter TiLT: A new, cost-effective way to support all parties and ensure smooth sailing

After an intake consultation, TiLT was implemented:

Compliance Consulting

Educated managers and employees about federal, state and organizational leave policies, eligibility, and processes.

Personalized Plans & Resources

Provided self-help employee scenarios that made it easy for employees to select and maximize the robust leave benefits available to them through the University.

Clear Expectations

Guided managers and employees through detailed step-by-step tasks that needed to be completed to ensure everyone was prepared for the leave.

Timely Guidance

Alerted managers and employees to finish leave administrative tasks on time to ensure completion.

The Outcome

TiLT reduces the administrative burden, minimizes legal risks, and ensures timely completion of compliance tasks. Using TiLT, the University is expected to save nearly $1K per employee and significantly reduce turnover, which is very common during the transition to working parenthood. After having a child, 70% of working women do not return to work. This is detrimental to gender parity as well as the ability to retain top tier talent.

“Navigating the University’s leave system was burdensome and at times panic- inducing. TiLT had a clear process that helped me know how and when to apply for leave. It’s critical for new moms who are part of the workforce.”​
- University Employee -

Revolutionize the way you support your employees

Demonstrate that you don’t just talk about taking care of your employees. Offer incredible support and a revolutionary resource to allow them to thrive at home and in their career.